Karen Parker has enjoyed the Arts all her life, finding many important ideas, situations and decisions influenced by her experiences within the Arts.  Enjoying the philosophy revealed by art and the written word, relishing in the tropes of allegory and metaphor, Karen was keen to gain a degree in English Literature at the University of Warwick.  Achieving this as a mature student in 2004, Karen always intended to pursue an MA, so when a friend suggested changing discipline…a new possibility presented itself, and with a lifelong enjoyment of art it seemed History of Art was a perfect solution.

Karen enjoyed the poetry modules on her BA in English Literature and when researching W H Auden had come across a painting, A Madrigal 1949, based on an Auden poem, in Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum by Terry Frost.  During her degree Sir Terry Frost was awarded an Honorary degree by Warwick and Karen decided to pursue an MA in History of Art, again at Warwick, with Frost as her dissertation subject.  Advised to link both degrees together, Frost’s portfolio of prints in response to Federico García Lorca’s poetry was a perfect choice.  Lorca was an important figure in the literature degree, but in a theatre and drama context, so to explore the poetry was an added bonus.

Encouraging her family to enjoy the arts, taking them all to exhibitions, galleries, cinema, museums and theatres it is unsurprising that two of her three children are engaged professionally in the arts.  Karen dreamed of a family production company, but time and money was eluding her when…suddenly…the notion that she could do it anyway, on her own terms, in her own way struck home.  The idea loomed out of the mist to immediately take shape and intersilient was created!

intersilient: Describing something suddenly emerging in the midst of something.